Fundraiser Alert: Nerd Nite Holidays 2020 Holidaytacular Fundraiser Alert: Nerd Nite Holidays 2020 Holidaytacular December 17, 2020

Feeling generous this holiday season? Interested in buying good feelings? Eager to see the length of a typical Nerd Nite presentation cut in half? Want to enjoy eight of the weirdest Nerd Nite presentations from across the globe? Then have we got an offer for you! Join us for the Nerd Nite Holidays 2020 Holidaytacular on December 17, 2020 featuring eight fun-yet-informative presentations — all in half the time. Instead of 18-to-21-minutes, all eight presentations will be ~10 minutes long…finally, the sprint version of Nerd Nite you never knew you craved so badly!

Donations are encouraged but not mandatory (this is a fundraiser, after all). But since Nerd Nite is still stubborn and living in the past, we can only accept donations via PayPal…donate via PayPal to (we promise that’s the business account’s primary contact and he won’t personally embezzle your donations to buy a ticket on a cruise ship…and if he does, well, you know that won’t go well, because, cruise ships…).

Nerd Nite Holidays 2020 Holidaytacular
December 17, 2020 from 8pm-10pm EST / 5pm-7pm PST
Donate via PayPal to:
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Back to the lectures at-hand:

8pm-8:15pm EST / 5pm-5:15pm PST (Nerd Nite Louisville)
Colonel Sanders: Kentucky Fried American Dream by Bentley McBentleson

Description: Colonel Sanders is known as the genius behind Kentucky fried chicken but he didn’t start out with kentucky fried fame. We’ll fig deep into his finger lickin good history to show how this farmer’s son became one of the most recognized faces in the world.

8:15pm-8:30pm EST / 5:15pm-5:30pm PST (Nerd Nite NYC)
Weird, Disappointing, and Achievable Recent World Records by Matt Wasowski

Description: While many of us are aware of classic world records like the world’s tallest person or the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, however, there are literally thousands of world records set each year that will often live in obscurity, but, honestly, some of them should because they’re not too impressive. This presentaiton will take a fun look at a few recent world records — some impressive and some less so — and will also share a few that you may be able to break yourself with little effort or time.

8:30pm-8:45pm EST / 5:30pm-5:45pm PST (Nerd Nite Austin)
Algae Apocalypse by Lewis Weil

Description: Algae called cyanobacteria have had the most impact of any organism on earth and you probably have never thought about them. The oxygen in the air you breathe the carbon that we are putting back in the atmosphere is all the fault of these single celled plants. Lewis was a boss of Nerd Nite Austin for 9 years. Is now a financial planner. So naturally he will be discussing algae.

8:45pm-9pm EST / 5:45pm-6pm PST (Nerd Nite Los Angeles)
Artificial Gravity in Science Fiction by Erin Macdonald

Description: Running along a rotating space station, bracing for acceleration through our solar system, gravity generators…exploring space long-term requires some sort of artificial gravity to help sustain our Earth-adjusted bodies. Erin Macdonald (PhD, Astrophysics) takes us through the physics behind gravity, what types of artificial gravity has been imagined in science fiction, and which ones we may see in our lifetime.

Bio: Erin Macdonald (PhD, Astrophysics) is an internationally recognized space science expert, writer, speaker, and consultant. Her academic research background is in gravitational waves and general relativity. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is working as a writer and science consultant for the Star Trek franchise.

9pm-9:15pm EST / 6pm-6:15pm PST (Nerd Nite San Francisco)
Pride and Pop Culture: Looking for Mr. Darcy Across the Internet by Bianca Hernandez

9:15pm-9:30pm EST / 6:15pm-6:30pm PST (Nerd Nite Duluth)
TBD by Jeremy Nilson

9:30pm-9:45pm EST / 6:30pm-6:45pm PST

9:45pm-10pm EST / 6:45pm-7pm PST

Nerd Nite NYC IRL Trivia at Parklife Nerd Nite NYC IRL Trivia Fall 2020

Nerd Nite NYC is back…sort of. Nerd Nite NYC will offer trivia-only outdoors at Parklife (Littlefield’s outdoor venue) in Gowanus/Park Slope on the first three Tuesdays in December at 7pm.  Limit of 4-people-per-team to ensure some safety. Masks mandatory (obviously).

Tuesdays December 1, 8, 15, 2020 at 7pm
Parklife: 636 Degraw Street, Brooklyn (Park Slope/Gowanus)
Free (donations accepted via Paypal at )

To help alleviate your safety concerns (and my innumerable concerns), Parklife has been holding outdoor events since July with great to safety details. Tables have plexiglass dividers. Ordering is via phones. And much more. Read about it all here:

Questions or comments? Contact Nerd Nite NYC Boss Matt Wasowski at