Join Nerd Nite for its last event of its 2016-2017 season where you’ll drunkenly enjoy three funny-yet-smart presentations about the history of NYC espionage, CPR, and how psychology – and toilets – can rescue American politics.  And trivia is back again, so bring pals, form a team, and compete to win tickets to BookCon 2017! BUY TICKETS HERE
Friday May 12, 2017
622 Degraw Street (Park Slope/Gowanus)
Presentations + Trivia (doors at 6:30pm, starts 7pm):  $14 BUY TICKETS HERE
Presentations-only (doors at 8:15pm, starts 8:30pm):  $10 BUY TICKETS HERE

Back to the Lectures At-Hand:
*Presentation #1
CPR Saves Lives…But No One’s Doing It
by Avir Mitra

Description: If your heart stops anywhere outside of a hospital, you’ll probably die before you ever make it to a doctor.  Quick and effective CPR by a bystander is your only chance of survival.  There’s only one problem – no one seems to be doing it.  In this talk, we will explore how CPR works, and we’ll look into some possible reasons why we aren’t doing it enough.  We will discover some interesting facts and advances in the world of CPR.  And finally, you’ll spend a hot minute learning to perform bystander CPR.  So grab a beer and get ready to learn everything you need to know to save a life.

Bio: Avir Mitra MD is an artistic spirit trapped in a scientific mind. Before becoming an ER physician-in-training at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, he toured the world as the singer and songwriter of his band Bamboo Shoots. Avir also produces health/science radio stories for NPR programs such as the Pulse, Radiolab and Here and Now. He was the president of his medical school, conducted research in molecular biology, and at some point graduated from Brown University. In his spare time, Avir enjoys 90’s R&B, self-help books, and protein.

*Presentation #2

Toilet Psychology To Rescue American Politics
by Seth Baum

Description: People don’t know as much about toilets as they think they do. Ditto for public policy. American politics is flummoxed by mass overconfidence, like being “sure” that climate change is a hoax. This talk presents psychology research that can rescue American politics from its cognitive foibles. For example, people become more humble about their knowledge when asked to explain how stuff works. You will never think about toilets the same again.

Bio: Seth Baum is Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. He knows he doesn’t know as much about toilets as he thinks he does.

*Presentation #3
The “Dark Invader” and the Doctor: Sabotage on the “Manhattan Front”
by Lucie Levine

Description: NYC tour guide Lucie Levine takes us inside the secret world of German Sabotage in New York during World War I.

Bio: Lucie Levine is the founder of Archive on Parade, a local tour and event company that aims to take New York’s fascinating history out of the archives and into the streets. She’s a Native New Yorker, and licensed New York City tour guide, with a passion for the city’s extraordinary social, political and cultural history.

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