Nerd Nite NYC rings-in a new decade by looking at our vices – Nerd Nite Vice Nite! Enjoy three fun-yet-smart presentations about cannabis, illegal pinball, and sex workers. And just as importantly, trivia is back again, so bring some pals, form a team, and literally win hundreds of dollars of prizes.  Buy tickets here.

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Nerd Nite NYC
Saturday January 4, 2020
635 Sackett Street (Gowanus / Park Slope)
Presentations+Trivia: 7pm (doors at 6:30pm) $14. Buy tickets here.
Presentations-only: 8:30pm (doors at 8:15pm) $10. Buy tickets here.

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*Presentation #1

Cannabis Medicine: Is It Reefer Madness or The Real Deal?
by Loren Devito

Description: The mainstream world is finally waking up to what many people have known for centuries — cannabis is an amazing plant! In the new era of (semi-)legalization, novices and cannaconnoisseurs have a wide array of products and methods to choose from. But cannabis is not just a recreational substance — it also contains potent chemicals that hold beneficial properties for a multiple of medical conditions. And while prohibition slowed us down, science is now catching up to the anecdotal evidence and demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of these compounds in clinical trials. But there is still a ton of misinformation floating out in the interwebs about exactly what cannabis (and CBD) does and how it affects you. Fear not! We’ll talk about the basics of the plant, its chemistry, and how your own endocannabinoid system works. And we’ll do a bit of myth busting along the way!

Bio: Loren DeVito, PhD is a neuroscientist and writer with a passion for science storytelling. A few years ago, she began a journey into learning more about cannabis and is now committed to communicating evidence-based information about this healing plant. Loren is the Editor-in-Chief of CBD Health & Wellness Magazine and has written for several cannabis magazines, including Terpenes & Testing, Ganjapreneur, Extraction Magazine, Prohbtd, Topical Magazine, and The Weed Blog. She is also the Co-Chair of the Peer Review Board for the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine, a new medical journal.

*Presentation #2
The War Against Pinball
by Seth Porges

Description: Today, pinball seems like an innocent and all-American pastime. But for three decades, the game was a crime in most of America’s major cities–including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In NYC, just weeks after Pearl Harbor, Mayor LaGuardia enforced Prohibition-style raids, in which thousands of machines were rounded up and destroyed. On the verge of extinction, the game survived behind closed doors in seedy joints in Harlem and the Village. This talk will explore the bizarre history of this quintessentially American game, from its Depression-era origins and its suspected links with the Mob, to the present state (today, just one company in the entire world still makes pinball machines). The goal is to answer a single question: Why have so many people found pinball to be so scary?

Bio: Seth Porges appears on numerous TV shows on the Travel, Science, Discovery, History, and National Geographic channels. He also contributes to Bloomberg Business, Instyle, Forbes, New York mag, and Departures, amongst others. He holds the world record for most Nerd Nite talks ever given. Follow him on Twitter:

*Presentation #3
Sex Workers: A History of Prostitution Laws in the USA from 1875-Today
by Kaytlin Bailey

Description: Kaytlin Bailey takes us on an irreverent mad dash through the history of prostitution laws & sex worker rights in the US.

Bio: Kaytlin Bailey is a writer, stand up comic, and Director of Communications for Decriminalize Sex Work, a national advocacy organization. She hosts the popular podcast Oldest Profession, each episode features a different sex worker from history. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Jacobin, The Washington Examiner & Vice.

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