Nerd Nite NYC hosts trivia-only outdoors at Parklife (Littlefield’s outdoor venue) in Gowanus/Park Slope every Tuesday at 7:30pm.  Limit of 4-people-per-team to ensure some safety.

Every Tuesday at 7:30pm
Parklife: 636 Degraw Street, Brooklyn (Park Slope/Gowanus)
Free (donations accepted via Venmo or Paypal at )

Nerd Nite NYC returns to Littlefield on January 15, 2022 – CANCELED
Nite’s first IRL show of 2022 is canceled on account of Covid/Omicron. Stay tuned for updates. Our next show is scheduled for Saturday February 12, 2022

Nerd Nite NYC’s first IRL show of 2022 features three fun-yet-informative presentations about humanitarian projects gone wrong, the quirky lives of philosophers, and demonic Jewish folklore. And trivia is back again with swell prizes – so form a team and win those swell prizes. TICKETS ON SALE SOON

**Proof of vaccination is required. No vax = no entry. Read the venue’s protocol info here.

Saturday February 12, 2022
Trivia+Presentations: $16 – 7pm start (doors at 6:30pm)
Presentations-only: $12 – 8:15pm start (doors at 8:05pm)
Littlefield: 635 Sackett Street, Brooklyn (Park Slope/Gowanus)

Back to the Lectures At-Hand:
*Presentation #1
The Curious and Quirky Lives of Philosophers, Part III

by John Paul Cleveland

Description: Most people think of philosophers and the ideas that they promote are boring as a box of rocks. Their writings can be difficult and tedious. And people expect that they must have had not much of what we might consider as an actual life. But many of them had deep loves and deep losses. We will explore a few philosophers, a bit of what they had to say, how they lived, and what we can learn from them. Hint: they need to up their game with the ladies.

Bio: John Paul Cleveland is the Director of the Tutoring Center at the NYU-Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn as well as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Pace University. Originally from Tampa, Florida, John Paul has been in the New York area for 17 years. He is an avid runner who runs the New York City Marathon

*Presentation #2
Good Intentions and Silver Bullets: Dumb Ideas in International Development

by Cara Hayes

Description: Creating a world where everyone can access an education, clean water, and nutritious food is complicated, serious stuff. But that hasn’t prevented people from pursuing very silly ideas (or ideas that seemed pretty ok to begin with but fall apart if you look too closely). Come learn about the failure of big, shiny development initiatives and what they can teach us.

Bio: Cara Hayes has worked in the international development sector for over 15 years and focuses on cross-sector partnerships, economic growth, and sustainable supply chains. Cara is a native Brooklynite who came home to the best borough in her 30s after detours in Long Island, Washington, DC, Argentina, and Kenya.

*Presentation #3
Asmodeus, King of the Demons, and Other Shedim in Jewish Texts and Folklore
by Erik Schechter

Description: Do demons exist? If so, how did they come to be? Are they dangerous? irrevocably evil? immortal? Where do demons exist in relation to human society? Finally, how do you protect yourself from a demon? In this presentation, Erik Schechter, a member of the NY Chapter of the Horror Writers Association, will examine the evolving, and often conflicting, Jewish understanding of demons (shedim) in the Hebrew Bible, Talmud, Apocrypha, and other sources.