Nerd Nite NYC’s annual one-off show in conjunction with Hudson River Park’s Ask A Scientist program is on Thursday August 1, 2024. This special show will feature three fun-yet-informative presentations featuring Seth Porges showcasing New Jersey’s famously dangerous Action Park water park in the 1980s, Adriana Aquino-Gerard of the AMNH asking ‘What is a Fish, Anyhow?,’ and Bernice Rosenzweig sharing how our local watersheds are natural wonders. Buy tickets. SOLD OUT

Nerd Nite at Hudson River Park at Hudson River Park WetLab at Pier 40
Thursday August 1, 2024 at 6:30pm – SOLD OUT

We kick-off our 19th season on Friday September 20, 2024 at Littlefield in Brooklyn with three fun-yet-informative presentations about UAP/UFO sightings, how TV medical dramas both inspired and ruined one real-life doctor, and defining the ideal male buttocks. Also, Matt will unleash his annual fan-favorite world records presentations (we may try to break one of them during the show) and trivia beforehand as always. Hey, nineteen! Tickets here:

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