The very first vaccine (it didn’t give anyone autism). A Constitutional militia – in 2020? The two-dollar bill. Join Nerd Nite NYC on Saturday February 1, 2020 at Littlefield for another swell evening of dazzlingly entertaining presentations, and, just as importantly, trivia is back again, so bring some pals, form a team, and literally win hundreds of dollars of prizes. Buy tickets here.

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Nerd Nite NYC
Saturday February 1, 2020
635 Sackett Street (Gowanus / Park Slope)
Presentations+Trivia: 7pm (doors at 6:30pm) $14. Buy tickets here.
Presentations-only: 8:30pm (doors at 8:15pm) $10. Buy tickets here.

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*Presentation #1

Tall Tales and Small Pox: The True Story of the First Vaccine
by Josefa Steinhauer

Description: Being forcibly injected as an infant with proprietary fluids created by the pharmaceutical industry sounds scary…but is it as scary as infectious disease?  Or the original vaccination attempts?? Find out as we travel the historical journey of the first vaccine, from its crude beginnings in the Middle Ages all the way to today’s anti-vax crusaders.

Bio: Josefa Steinhauer is a professor of Biology at Yeshiva University.  She studies phospholipid metabolism in fruit flies and teaches Genetics, Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, and an intro course for non-science majors.

*Presentation #2
A Well-Regulated…What? The Militia in American Law, History and Political Thought.
by Erik Schechter

Description: A militia? What was it in the colonial-American era? What function did it serve? How was it organized? Is it really just a bunch of weekend warriors with guns? Did it make military sense back then? Does it make sense now? And…huh???

Bio: Erik Schechter is a former military and defense industry journalist who has contributed to such publications as IHS Jane’s International Defence, NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, Aerospace America, Monocle, The Jerusalem Post, C4ISR & Networks, and USA Today. He is now the CEO of Red Phantom Public Relations, which works with defense contractors.

*Presentation #3
The $2 Bill: Friend or Foe?
by Heather McCabee

Description: The enigmatic $2 bill: Maybe you have one in a shoebox under your bed — or in a part of your wallet that you never access. Or maybe you believe its existence is just an unconfirmed rumor. Have you seen one? Have you ever spent one? Is it real? Is it fake? Is it good luck, or is it bad luck? Maybe it was just something secretly printed in your grandpa’s basement and stuffed into your birthday cards as a hoax when you were a naïve child. What happens when a $2 bill appears in a cash transaction…or does it ever? Tonight we’ll uncover the truth about this incomparable bill — and you might emerge with more than just knowledge.

Bio: Heather McCabe is an advocate for using the $2 bill. Her blog,, chronicles the reactions she and other $2 bill enthusiasts encounter when spending this unusual currency. She and Two Buckaroo have been featured in The New York Times, Mental Floss, Pacific Standard, the Howl podcast “Dead Presidents with Daniel O’Brien,” and The Two Dollar Bill Documentary, screening at film festivals throughout the country (catch it in NYC on April 17 as part of the Manhattan Film Festival). She works as a writer and editor in New York City and runs the Humans Against Music karaoke night in Brooklyn.

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