Nerd Nite NYC concludes its 2017-2018 season at Littlefield on Wednesday May 9th.  Yes, a Wednesday.  For the first time in 13 years.  Weird.  But wacky.  First, learn about what not to do in online dating profiles, then hear about the 1939 Superman v Wonderman lawsuit and then about creepy composers.  Icky!  And trivia is back too, so bring some pals, form a team, and win tickets to BookCon 2018.

Nerd Nite NYC
Wednesday May 9, 2018
Trivia+Presentations:  7pm (doors at 6:30pm):  $14 BUY TICKETS HERE
Presentations-Only: 8:20pm (doors: 8:05pm): $10 BUY TICKETS HERE
635 Sackett Street (Park Slope/Gowanus)

Back to the Lectures At Hand:
*Presentation #1
Superman v. Wonderman: The Lawsuit that Saved the Man of Steel
by Anderson Duff

Description: Superman is a Depression-era hero thriving in a post-industrial world. He began as an evil mad scientist experimenting on men in bread lines. He developed into a hero who rooted out corruption, manhandled machines, and sympathized with human frailty. Without early copyright protection, Superman almost certainly would not have grown into the tights we recognize today. Without the Fair Use exception to copyright infringement, however, Superman would not have developed into an archetype. The lives of Superman’s creators are used as anecdotal evidence that copyright law does not benefit individuals. The truth, like Clark Kent, is more complicated than it first appears.

Bio: Anderson specializes in trademark and copyright prosecution and litigation, including proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. He counsels clients on a wide range of intellectual property matters including trademark and copyright infringement, licensing issues, domain name disputes, and right of publicity matters. He also advises clients as to defamation, privacy, and advertising matters. Anderson spends his free time telling anyone who will listen about The Learning About Multimedia Project (LAMP) and ranting about intellectual property. Admissions: New York, Massachusetts, Northern District of Illinois, Southern District of New York, Eastern District of New York, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

*Presentation #2
Hector Berlioz Was a Visionary Composer and also a Dirty Creep
by Matt Browne

Description: Composers and songwriters have been writing music to woo love interests since the early ages of humanity. What a lot of them don’t do is compose massive, ambitious, and groundbreaking symphonies for said love interest after never having met them (nor even speaking the same language). Symphonies which depict a tragic and bizarre story involving love at first sight, jealousy, obsessiveness, spurned love, opium-induced trips, and monster orgies. Well, Hector Berlioz did.

Bio: Matt Browne is a freelance classical composer living in Manhattan. His music has been praised for its “unbridled humor” (New Music Box) and described as “witty” (The Strad) and “beautifully crafted and considered” (What’s On London).  He has written music for the Minnesota Orchestra, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Alarm Will Sound, and many others. Much of his music might be described as an unholy and tasteless combination of demonic Looney Tunes and 1970’s Giallo film soundtracks, but with heart.

*Presentation #3
How to Look Like a Murderer: A Guide to Killing your Tinder Profile
by David Piccolomini

Description: People tell comedian and Tinder Tales podcast host David Piccolomini all the time about how online dating doesnt work for them. Within 30  seconds of looking at their profiles he can usually tell why. In this hilarious session, David draws on troves of data and hundreds of interviews to deliver the geekiest–and most effective–guide to the tips and tricks that make an amazing, match-tastic profile… instead of an inadvertently terrible one.

Bio: David Piccolomini is a comedian and sexuality podcaster. He’s been seen doing comedy at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival, the Tax Free Comedy Festival and NPR. He has also spoken at the Sexting Art Festival and ConsentCon. Check out his podcast about online dating Tinder Tales

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