Nerd Nite NYC’s final show of the year will be Friday December 8, 2017 at Littlefield.  The three funny-yet-smart presentations will discuss the love life of Jim Henson, becoming Batman, and music videos from the 1980s.  And trivia is back too, so bring some pals, form a team, and win pretty darn good prizes. Oh..and Matt’s DAD is back in town to ask some of his hilarious/squirm-inducing sex questions.  Watch Matt blush!

Nerd Nite NYC
Friday December 8, 2017
Presentations-Only:  8:20pm (doors: 8:05pm):  $10  BUY TICKETS HERE
Trivia+Presentations: 7pm (doors at 6:30pm): $14  BUY TICKETS HERE
635 Sackett Street (Park Slope/Gowanus)

Back to the Lectures At Hand:
*Presentation #1
How to Become the Batman: Origins and Training Secrets of the Dark Knight Detective
by Shyaporn Theerakulstit

Description: In a world of super-powered aliens, ancient magics and mutant menaces, what are mere mortals to do? One man has shown us a way – the Batman. In this lecture, we will explore the training secrets of the Caped Crusader in order to learn how to reach the pinnacles of human achievement, both to better ourselves and stand up to gods and monsters.

Bio: Shyaporn Theerakulstit is an actor, writer, YouTuber, cosplayer and general “nerd about town.” He has given talks on Godzilla biology and the technology of Star Trek vs Star Wars for Nerd Nite, TEDx and the Smithsonian. He has written and produced for Dark Horse Comics and is also the host of Atlas Obscura’s “Real/Fake Science.” (

*Presentation #2
The Life and Love of Jim Henson
by Charles Huang

Description: Jim Henson was well known as the creator of the loveable and fantastic worlds characters of Sesame Street, The Muppets, The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth. But where did his joy and creativity come from? In this overview of his life, you’ll get peek at how his collaborative streak earned him the loyalty of his workers, how his quiet inner life gave him strength, and how he dreamt up his worlds (including his idea for a psychedelic nightclub!).

Bio: Charles Hans Huang is a programmer and game designer, currently making educational games and websites at Scholastic. He’s had his work covered in Rock, Paper, Shotgun, PC Gamer, TechRaptor, Weird F***in’ Games, and Critical Distance. His work has been shown at Different Games, Crafting Intangibles, and Play NYC. Most of all, he’s a big fan of Mr. Rogers, Randy Pausch, and Jim Henson. He hangs out with other cool game devs in New York City.

*Presentation #3
Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Music Video Directors of the 1980s
by Stephen Pitalo, music video historian

Description: True wisdom often emerges from the strangest sources, and throughout his interviews of music video directors of the 80s, music video historian Stephen Pitalo stumbled upon some irrefutable/universal truth gems. Stephen will deliver these knowledge nuggets by way of untold tales about how music videos by Queen, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Lou Reed and Cameo were created. You too will learn profoundly epic lessons that you can apply to your own life and career.   

Bio: Stephen Pitalo is the world’s leading authority on the The Golden Age of Music Video (1976-1993), mining inside stories from interviews with more than 70 music video directors and countless artists of the pre-internet music era for his forthcoming book and current blog You may have caught his sold-out NY ComicCon Presents talk entitled “What Were They Thinking? The Worst Music Videos of the 80s Explained” He’s on SiriusXM’s Volume Channel frequently, and you may have recently attended one of his Music Video Time Machine events such as New Wave Christmas; Tearin’ Up My Heart: A 90s Valentine; and Scream’s 20th Anniversary Halloween Party. Check him out at Twitter/Instagram @stephenpitalo or


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