In addition to our usual three funny-yet-smart presentations, on Friday November 10, 2017, Nerd Nite is bringing back hetero speed dating for the only time this Fall (optional).  Enjoy presentations about the history of coding (from Morse code to today’s 1’s and 0’s), health tips that can have you running five-mile races in just three weeks, and long-time presenter Seth Porges attempts to tell as many stories as he can in 18 minutes.  And beforehand, 15 smart and single lasses and 15 smart and single fellas can try to find someone with whom to cuddle in the upcoming winter months.

Nerd Nite NYC
Friday November 10, 2017
Presentations-Only:  8:20pm (doors: 8:05pm):  $10  BUY TICKETS HERE
Speed Dating+Presentations (Men-Seeking-Women): 7pm (check-in 6:30pm): $25 BUY TICKETS HERE
Speed Dating+Presentations (Women-Seeking-Men): 7pm (check-in 6:30pm): $25 BUY TICKETS HERE
635 Sackett Street (Park Slope/Gowanus)

Back to the Lectures At Hand:
*Presentation #1
The History of Communicating with Bits and Bytes. From -… ..- .-. .-. .. – — to 🌯

by Devon Peticolas

Description: Since 1836 there’s been a silent war happening all over the world. The casualties haven’t been lives but our thoughts and ideas as we’ve tried to write and share them with each other. It’s taken almost 200 years but the war is being won. Today, a universal standard translates our diverse written languages to ones and zeros. With it, we can express ourselves in American English, Ancient Greek, Japanese Kanji, and 2,666 emoji of diverse race and gender. Join me as we talk about the evolution of language encoding into data and all the struggles we’ve overcome to get where we are today.

Bio: Devon is a data engineer and a amateur software historian. He’s spoken about data engineering at technical conferences in exotic places such as Tokyo and Seattle. He likes long walks on the beach, streaming data structures, and the 1989 Gameboy’s Z80-like 8-bit processor.

*Presentation #2

*Presentation #3

by Seth Porges


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