Nerd Nite NYC is baaaack. Swing by Caveat NYC on Friday October 26th for three funny-yet-smart presentations about our senses’ affects on wine tasting (with free samples!), dirty creep composers, and the history of distilling in New York State. Also, the Colorado Captain makes a return appearance to quickly share how he’s bringing smiles to hospitalized kids across the country (Go, Cap). tiny wine samples.
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Nerd Nite NYC
Friday October 26, 2018 (doors at 6pm and show time at 6:30pm)
Caveat NYC
21A Clinton Street (Lower East Side)
Tickets here ($10 advance, $14 at door):

Back to the Lectures at-hand:
*Presentation #1
Empire State of Rye: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of America’s Greatest Spirit
by Christopher Williams

Description: The black stain on American history known as Prohibition did more than just make an entire nation incredibly irritable for 13 years–it all but eradicated the existence of one of our most laudable contributions to world drinking culture: rye whiskey. By the end of Prohibition, the Northeastern distilleries that made rye famous were in ruins while the distilleries of the South making (ahem, inferior) bourbon whiskies managed to rebound thanks to some shady dealings during the drought. But northeastern rye is on the rebound, particularly in New York State and ready to dethrone the evil pretender, bourbon, and the multinational conglomerates that have fed you lies by the shot glass for decades. We’ll discover the lost brands, idiosyncratic characters and too-weird-to-not-be-true stories of rye whiskey’s past–and the exciting developments of its renaissance.

Bio: Christopher Briar Williams is the chief distiller and blender at Coppersea Distilling, a heritage methods farm distillery in the Hudson Valley. He is one of the originators of Empire Rye–the whiskey style of New York State. He has been described by the New York Times as “intense, wild-eyed and with a face bracketed by a shaggy goatee and wire-rimmed glasses, [he] looks more like a revolutionary than a whiskey distiller.” When he’s not wearing contacts he actually wears chunky black plastic glasses.

*Presentation #2
Hector Berlioz Was a Visionary Composer and also a Dirty Creep
by Matt Browne

Description: Composers and songwriters have been writing music to woo love interests since the early ages of humanity. What a lot of them don’t do is compose massive, ambitious, and groundbreaking symphonies for said love interest after never having met them (nor even speaking the same language) — symphonies which depict a tragic and bizarre story involving love at first sight, jealousy, obsessiveness, spurned love, opium-induced trips, and monster orgies. Well, Hector Berlioz did.

Bio: Matt Browne is a freelance classical composer living in Manhattan. His music has been praised for its “unbridled humor” (New Music Box) and described as “witty” (The Strad) and “beautifully crafted and considered” (What’s On London).  He has written music for the Minnesota Orchestra, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Alarm Will Sound, and many others. Much of his music might be described as an unholy and tasteless combination of demonic Looney Tunes and 1970’s Giallo film soundtracks, but with heart.

*Presentation #3
How Sensory Elements (Smell, Taste, etc.) Influence How You Taste Wine
by Bianca Bosker

Description: Coming Soon – but there will be free samples!

Bio: Bianca Bosker is a journalist and most notably wrote Cork Dork, a New York Times best seller.

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