Nerd Nite NYC – and trivia – returns to Littlefield on Saturday November 17th, bringing three funny-yet-smart presentations about an Olympian who experienced a real-life Truman Show, how Buffy and Stranger Things use setting to create meaning, and weird stuff – with live weirder songs – about whales. Fun! And trivia is back again, so bring some pals, form a team, and win some increasingly good prizes. Our pals at NatGeo will also be giving away free almanacs to everyone who attends, which is seriously like a $25-$35 value right there. Tickets here:

Nerd Nite NYC
Saturday November 17, 2018
Littlefield: 635 Sackett Street (Park Slope/Gowanus)
Trivia + Presentations (doors at 6:30pm, starts at 7pm): $14: Buy tickets
Presentations-only (doors at 8pm, starts at 8:15pm):  $10: Buy tickets

Back to the Lectures at-hand:
*Presentation #1
The Kevin Show
by Mary Pilon

Description: Olympic sailor Kevin Hall suffers from what doctors are beginning to call the “Truman Show” delusion, a form of bipolar disorder named for the 1998 movie in which the main character realizes he is the star of a reality TV show. Based on her book “The Kevin Show,” sports reporter Mary Pilon will discuss Kevin’s story, mania, and why all of us actually may be living in versions of our own movies today.

Bio: Mary Pilon is the author of the bestsellers “The Kevin Show’ (2018) and “The Monopolists,” (2015) which chronicles the secret history of the famous board game. She writes about sports and business regularly for The New Yorker, Esquire, Vice, Politico, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek, among other news outlets, and she previously worked as a staff reporter at the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Visit her at

*Presentation #2
The Hellmouth and the Upside-Down: Buffy, Stranger Things, and Setting
by Dawson Smith

Description: What are the rules for your story? Do they apply to everyone? And how do we, the audience, know what they are in the most efficient manner possible? In this post-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving discussion we’ll all gather around the table to discuss two highly successful and – on paper, at least – similar horror shows and understand how they use setting to create tone, create tension, create charge, and let us know what’s up without having to say as much as you might expect.

Bio: Dawson Smith is a TV producer by day, lawyer by other days, and a life-long student of story theory. His CV includes NBC, the History Channel, A&E, Investigation Discovery, and a whole mess of tabletop campaigns as both player and GM. This is his third Nerd Nite presentation on Story Theory, and his first in almost three years.

*Presentation #3
Whale and Human Love: The Musical (Well, Almost)
by Noam Osband

Description: Join Noam as he turns to song and slides to discuss the different mating practices of grey whales and homo sapiens, two of his favorite animals. There’ll be academic articles and video projected on a big screen, there’ll be weird catchy songs requiring audience participation, and there’ll be gasps as you learn some amazing, odd facts about the sex lives of these two animals.

Bio: Noam Osband is a musical comedian and a real nerd. Well, a doctor of anthropology, to be more specific.  He’s also a media producer, musical comedian, and recovering academic based in Brooklyn. To see more of his work, go to

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