Nerd Nite NYC returns to Littlefield in Brooklyn for the final Nite of our season on Tuesday (yes, a Tuesday) May 14, 2019 featuring presentations about fatbergs, start-up scammers, and Gizmondo. And we bring hetero/straight speed dating back for the first time in a long time so that 15 single ladies and 15 single fellas can find someone with whom to enjoy the summer.  Tickets here:

Nerd Nite NYC
Tuesday May 14, 2019
Littlefield: 635 Sackett Street (Gowanus/Park Slope) Brooklyn
Speed Dating + Presentations: Doors at 6:40pm, starts at 7:00pm: $20
Presentations-Only: Doors at 8:15pm, starts at 8:30pm: $10

Back to the Lectures at-hand:
*Presentation #1

Fatberg Ahead! What are They and What’s the Big Deal
by Kim Worsham

Description: You may have seen the recent NYC DEP ads on the subways talking all about fatbergs, but what are they? Are they the newest climate change concern destined to destroy modern civilization? Kim will walk you through a little bit about how our city’s sewer system works and what we’ve done to make fatbergs possible…and what we should do to make them go away.

Bio: Kimberly Worsham, MPA, MIWM, is a water & sanitation (WASH) specialist in the development industry. She’s consulted on projects in countries including India, NYC, Australia, Cambodia, and Singapore. She’s the founder of FLUSH LLC and is a manager at Safe Water Network. She received her MPA and B.Sc in business at NYU and a Masters in Integrated Water Management from the University of Queensland (Australia) as an International WaterCentre Scholar.

*Presentation #2
How to Spot a Start-Up Scam: A Brief Guide to Avoiding the Next Theranos
by John Biggs

Description: While many start-up companies’ success is based on innovative ideas, great talent, and a solid product, some others become successful simply because of talentedly unscrupulous leaders who have an uncanny knack for being able to hustle seemingly smart and wealthy people out of millions – or even billions – of dollars by only selling snake oil disguised as the promise of a better, disrupted tomorrow. How? Let’s find out.

Bio:  John Biggs is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, and maker. He spent fifteen years as an editor for Gizmodo, CrunchGear, and TechCrunch and has a deep background in hardware startups, 3D printing, and blockchain. His work has appeared in Men’s Health, Wired, and the New York Times. He has written five books including the best book on blogging, Bloggers Boot Camp, and a book about the most expensive timepiece ever made, Marie Antoinette’s Watch. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. As a lover of technology and a prolific writer, people ask me to speak at events about what I’ve seen and learned. I’m happy to do it and it ends up being quite fun for both me and the audience. I’m a dynamic, wry speaker and I will not bore a crowd. Here’s how to convince me to come out to talk with your group.

*Presentation #3
The Curious Case of the Gizmondo

by Mike Kelly

Description: The early 2000s saw an explosion of portable gaming devices. Led by the release of Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance and the Sony PSP, competitors entered the market with their own devices, trying to cash in on the gold rush. Most failed, but the most curious case was that of the Gizmondo, released by Tiger Telematics. What started off as a promising handheld rapidly descended into a sordid tale of corruption and grift that all played out in the public eye, drawing in the Department of Homeland Security, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and a group of Swedish mafiosos.

Bio: Mike Kelly is a game developer and founder of Mind Splinter Games. He currently holds the record for most unique video game talks at Nerd Nite. He can be found on Twitter at @galenblade.

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