As Fall arrives and the leaves start to change, Nerd Nite brings you three fun-yet-presentations of entirely randomly silly content that will give you great conversational fodder as we head into the colder months.  First, enjoy bizarre tales about the curious and quirky lives of philosophers, then get terrified about how tech companies are creating all kinds of fancy new ways for us to kill each other, and finally, learn about common do’s and don’ts of the dating scene (thank God I’m married…it’s rough out there!).  And apropos the dating presentation, we bring hetero speed dating back for the first time in nearly a year so 20 fellas and 20 lasses can find someone with whom they can enjoy their pumpkin-spice coffee drinks. BUY TICKETS HERE.

Friday October, 14, 2016
622 Degraw Street (Park Slope / Gowanus)
7-8:30pm: Speed Dating + Presentations: $25  Men-Seeking-Women.  20 tickets available  (doors at 6:15pm)
7-8:30pm: Speed Dating + Presentations: $25  Women-Seeking-Men.  20 tickets available  (doors at 6:15pm)
8:45pm:  Presentations-only:  $10   (doors at 8:30pm)R train to Union or any train at Atlantic/Pacific

Back to the Lectures At-Hand:
*Presentation #1
The Curious and Quirky Lives of Philosophers
by John Cleveland

Description: Most people think of philosophers as dull, pedantic academic types.  But just because someone is a philosopher, doesn’t me he or she lives under a rock.  In fact, philosophers come with a variety of weird, steamy, and interesting experiences. We will take a brief look at a few philosophers, their eccentric lives, and what they said.

Bio:  John Paul Cleveland, originally from Tampa, Florida, is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Pace University’s downtown Manhattan campus.  John Paul’s full-time gig is as Director of the Tutoring Center at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering in MetroTech, Brooklyn.  In his spare time, John Paul is an avid runner and will be running the NYC Marathon again, this time for the tenth time.

*Presentation #2
So You Want To Be A Death Merchant
by Erik Schechter


*Presentation #3
Dating Do’s and Definite Do Nots
by Meredith Golden

Description: Meeting the one can be a challenge, but there are some simple dating mistakes that can easily be rectified, such as the hetero female texting the day after the date to say ‘thank you’ or the guys who send a novel or their resume on a dating app.  This presentation will discuss why seemingly innocuous actions like those can often sabotage any chance of a relationship.  I’ll also provide more efficient techniques to get your date to respond to your outreach.  And I’m happy to field audience questions about current or past dating situations.

Bio: I’ve been setting people up, coaching, and cheerleading singles into relationships for the past 20 years. With the instincts and passion of an old-school matchmaker combined with the knowledge and understanding of the digital age of dating, I’m able to create real opportunities for love. Watching relationships ignite, seeing the love grow, and knowing that families have been created has provided me with endless joy! This is why I love what I do. Matchmaking is part art and part science. I earned my Master of Social Work degree from NYU and practiced individual psychotherapy in New York City, focusing on helping patients identify their negative patterns and empowering them to make better choices going forward. I later used these professional psychotherapy skills and knack for matchmaking to run on-campus recruiting at top law firms where I honed my ability to vet resumes, connected candidates with their best interviewing partner, and ensured that top talent never slipped through the cracks. I use these skills to help foster healthy, happy and committed relationships.

See you in September!

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