Welcome to Nerd Nite NYC, hosted by Matt Wasowski (matt @ nerdnite.com)

Come to Nerd Nite’s finale of our 2015-2016 season before we all head for our summer breaks, on a rare Wednesday night. The Nite will feature presentations about the factors of attraction (know what you need to do to find your summer love), why and how people experiment on themselves in the name of research (not experiment on themselves THAT way…you have a dirty mind), and, a natural fit for Nerd Nite, the neuroscience of hangovers (which we hope you have the next morning after our show).  And trivia will be back again, so, as always, bring some pals, form a team, and win some ever-increasingly okay prizes. TICKETS ON SALE SOON.

Nerd Nite NYC
Wednesday May 25, 2016
622 Degraw Street (Park Slope/Gowanus)
Trivia+Presentations (Doors at 6:30pm, show at 7pm):  $14  TICKETS ON SALE SOON
Presentations-Only (Doors at 8:15pm, show at 8:30pm):  $10  TICKETS ON SALE SOON

Back to the Lectures At-Hand:
*Presentation #1
What I Like About You: Using Relationship Science to Select Your Mate
by Marisa Cohen

Description:  Wait!  You’re telling me that dating doesn’t have to be a total crap shoot!?!  This presentation will use the interdisciplinary field of relationship science to examine what we look for when searching for our “ideal” match. Topics such as our basic human needs for love and belonging, the factors of interpersonal attraction, and determining who is in your dating pool will be covered. The goal is to enable you to use science to inform your everyday decisions and make you a more discerning dater.

Bio: Dr. Marisa T. Cohen obtained a B.S. in Biology and Society from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, with a concentration in Learning, Development, and Instruction from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology in Brooklyn and the Director of the Self-Awareness and Bonding Lab (SABL). Her research focuses on peoples’ perceptions of love and infidelity. Dr. Cohen is also an active contributor to ScienceofRelationships.com and often presents guest lectures on her relationship science research and its application to everyday life.

*Presentation #2
Self-Experimentation (for Science!)
by Mark Ediger

Description: What have YOU swallowed in the name of scientific progress? Do the laws of ethical research really apply to everyone? Tonight, we’ll explore what happens when scientists turn the tools on themselves to advance the cause. All the disgusting things consumed, injected, and extracted. The Nobel prizes awarded and all the things we wouldn’t have otherwise. You’ll never look down on regulation again.

Bio: Just a year removed from the Midwest, Mark is already well on his way to ‘making it’ in the nerdiest trivia circles of NYC. After studying physiology and biotechnology, he sold his soul to the pharmaceutical software industry where he now works as a business consultant. He enjoys science fiction, argumentative people with staggering student loans, and long swims in the Hudson River.

*Presentation #3
The Science of Hangovers

by Paula Croxson

Description: COMING SOON

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