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Nerd Nite returns on Friday September 18, 2015:  Nerd Nite NYC returns on Friday September 18 at 7:30pm at Littlefield in Gowanus/Park Slope to start our TENTH f*cking season. Crazy, right!?!  As usual, we’ll feature three funny-yet-smart presentations, this time discussing sensory illusions (yes, your mind is playing tricks on you), Angry Birds and autoimmune diseases (never thought you’d heard those two things used together, did you?), and the Obligatory Scene vs. Aaron Sorkin’s TV and film writing style.  And we’ll start the night off with trivia, so bring pals and win prizes.  Everything will then get more nerdtacular in October. Buy tickets here.

Nerd Nite NYC, Friday Sept 18, 2015
Trivia+Presentations: (doors at 6:30pm, starts at 7:30pm) – $14 Buy tickets here.
Presentations-only:  (doors at 8:50pm, starts at 9pm) – $10 Buy tickets here.
622 Degraw Street (Gowanus/Park Slope)
R train to Union Street or any train at Atlantic/Pacific

*Presentation #1
Sensory Illusions: Your Brain is Kind of Making Stuff Up
by Kara Marshall

Description: There are many illusions that play tricks on your brain and the receptors that sense the world around you.  Understanding why our brain gets fooled can teach us about how your body detects what is in the world, and how your brain puts it all together to build a unified perception.  Scientists have found ways to change perception into hallucination, and some think that similar mechanisms are at work in psychiatric disorders. Ultimately, the grasp you have on reality is pretty tenuous.  Don’t get cocky.

Bio: Kara Marshall is currently finishing up her Ph.D. at Columbia University.  She is a neuroscientist who studies receptors in the skin that convey the sense of touch and also how bats might use touch receptors in their wings to tune their flight.  In a jealous attempt to fly herself, she is learning the flying trapeze.  So far, gravity wins every time.

*Presentation #2
Angry Birds and Autoimmune Diseases: Can We Ever Really Win the Fight?
By Dr. Jason Piken

Description: While having a mild anxiety attack, from the frustration of not being able to kill the last pig on level 13 of ANGRY BIRDS 2…I had an epiphany!  The birds act just like our immune system attacking foreign invaders.  What if some of those birds started attacking each other instead of the pigs?  A glimpse into the utter chaos of autoimmune conditions and some hope for some answers.

Bio: Dr. Jason Piken is a chiropractor, a nutritionist, a practitioner of Applied Kinesiology, and a health coach.  What makes him understand the body is his real credentials though.  15 car accidents, 2 spinal fractures in on 2 separate occasions, a mystery illness that made him look like a version of the elephant man for a few weeks, keeping his psoriasis in check, overcoming chronic anxiety, and a lifelong battle of wanting to eat and drink many things that usually make him feel bad yet finding the will to resist them…most of the time.

*Presentation #3
Let’s Make Fun of Aaron Sorkin Even Though We Feel Kinda Hypocritical About It!
​by Dawson Smith

Description: The grand, grand majority of movies and TV you consume follows the same narrative rules and traditions, at least in part. Story theory is the study and practice of understanding those rules, traditions and practices, why they exist, and how they can be used and/or broken in the most effective ways. Tonight, we’re going to talk about “The Obligatory Scene,” what that means, and how Aaron Sorkin repeatedly got away with subverting it or avoiding it entirely. Also why he should maybe stick to doing that.

Bio: Who the Hell is Talking at me?! Dawson Smith is a writer, lawyer, and gadabout, though not particularly accomplished at any one of those things. He’s obsessed with story theory and forcing other peoples’ art into his ordered little boxes so that he can dissect it in ways only beautiful to him.

Special Nite at Brooklyn Historical Society on September 24, 2015

Speed Dating at New York Super Week 2015:  We will offer 3 special speed dating sessions as part of New York Super Week 2015.  There will be an LGBT session on October 7th and hetero sessions on October 8th & 9th. More info here.

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