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As we head toward the holidays, come to Nerd Nite because I promise the show will have nothing holiday-related whatsoever..how refreshing!  We bring trivia back in addition to presentations about the psychology behind rage, how the early 2000’s transformed the Brooklyn waterfront from Greenpoint to Red Hook, and how to detect planets in other solar systems. Buy tickets here.

Nerd Nite
Friday December 5, 2014
Trivia+Presentations at 7:30pm (doors at 6:30pm) – $14. Buy tickets here.
Presentations-Only at 9:15pm (doors at 9pm) – $10. Buy tickets here.
Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn
F train to York Street or A/C to High Street

Back to the Lectures At-Hand:
*Presentation #1
Rope, Meat and Sugar: The Lost Brooklyn Waterfront of the Bloomberg Years

by Inna Guzenfeld

Description: In the last ten years, the Brooklyn waterfront has been transformed beyond recognition by gentrification, rezoning and development. The borough’s once-industrial shoreline, which stretched from Greenpoint to Sunset Park has been purged of fascinating buildings that until recently, stood as a testament to Brooklyn’s maritime past. In this presentation, we’ll take a trip back to the year 2000, and explore the lives of these former monuments, from the Greenpoint Terminal Market in Greenpoint to the Revere Sugar Refinery in Red Hook, and everything in between. We’ll talk about the companies and men who built the Brooklyn waterfront, and what remains of their vision today.

Bio: Inna Guzenfeld is a planner and urban historian trained at Pratt Institute. She emigrated from the Ukraine in the early nineties and grew up on the Coney Island peninsula. Her work centers on the Brooklyn waterfront, where she documents and advocates the borough’s maritime past. She teaches courses in historic preservation, city planning and research methods at colleges throughout the city. She also gives regular talks at the Brooklyn Brainery about waterfronts, garbage, manufacturing, and all manner of things vital but often invisible in our city. In her spare time, Inna can be found traversing Brooklyn’s industrial landscapes in search of stories and artifacts.

*Presentation #2
Alien Worlds : Finding Planets in Other Solar Systems
by Andrew Favaloro

Description: The first exoplanet (extra-solar planet, or planet outside of our solar system) was discovered in 1992, and since then, astronomers have been been desperately searching for exoplanets. With the launch of the Kepler spacecraft in 2009, the number of discovered exoplanets has jumped from about 200 to almost 5,000. This talk will explore the underlying physics of exoplanet detection methods, including why the most useless seeming of Newton’s laws is actually the most powerful.

Bio : Andrew Favaloro is a Boston native, living in Brooklyn. He has a B.S in Physics from the College of William and Mary, and half of a PhD in Physics from Brown University. He stopped doing that though, and now teaches high school Calculus and Physics in Brooklyn. Interests include : television, theater, sad girls playing ukelele songs, Joss Whedon’s television shows, sad boys playing acoustic guitar, stand-up comedy, and more television. His favorite word is “antepenultimate” because it is 15 letters long and can hit all 3 triple-word squares in Scrabble.

*Presentation #3
Why Nerd Rage!
by Ali Mattu

Description: Nerds are awesome people. We’re advocates of science, want freedom of information, and defend the marginalized. But there’s a dark side to nerdery. Every now and then, nerds become bullies. We flood the internet with hateful comments about Ben Affleck becoming Batman, yell at people for mistaking Star Trek and Star Wars, and break controllers when noobs mess with our World of Warcraft guild. Join veteran Nerd Nite presenter Ali Mattu as he outlines his universal theory on the psychological condition of nerd rage and what can be done to stop this epidemic.

Bio: Dr. Ali Mattu is a clinical psychologist at the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders where he specializes in the treatment of OCD, hair-pulling, and skin-picking disorders. Outside of the hospital, Ali is an advocate for the brain and behavior sciences through his positions on national psychological associations and his presentations at comic cons. He writes about the psychology of science fiction at BrainKnowsBetter.com in the hopes that it will help others develop a love for psychology, just like Star Trek did for him. Ali is also the cohost of the NerdHour.com, a podcast about awesome things nerds love.

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