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For our next show on April 10, 2015, we return to Gowanus/Park Slope for another show at Littlefield.  And we’ll help you find a mate too.  Yes, we bring speed dating back for the last time until the fall so 20 single fun and smart fellas and lasses can find one another for summer fun.  And then enjoy three funny-yet-smart presentations about how our brains don’t exactly want us to be monogamous, the OJ Simpson-esque trial of the Bowery in the 19th century, and how our flatulence teaches us about nuclear war and global warming – while you drink with your pals.  And enjoy live chiptune tunes throughout the evening. Buy tickets here

Friday April 10, 2015
Speed Dating+Presentations at 7pm (doors at 6pm): $25
Presentations-only at 8:20pm: $10
622 DeGraw Street (Gowanus/Park Slope)

Back To The Lectures At-Hand:
*Presentation #1
Of Molecules and Monogamy
by Zoe Donaldson

Description:  Love has inspired both art and war. But what does love do to our brains to elicit fits of ecstasy and irrational behavior?  And why are we one of only a handful of mammals that has the ability to fall in love? We’ll explore these questions based on what we know about the brains of a monogamous rodent species and whether humans really are monogamous.

Bio: Zoe Donaldson PhD is a neuroscientist at Columbia University who studies the ways in which falling in love changes the brain. Her search for answers has resulted in glowing green prairie voles and an attempt to make monogamous mice.

*Presentation #2
Butchery on Bond Street: The OJ Simpson Case of 1857, Turned on its Blood-Spattered Head
by Benjamin Feldman

Description: Dentist, misogynist, and sociopath, Dr. Harvey Burdell was discovered January 31, 1857 on the floor of his dental clinic in a “perfect pool of gore.”  The was a man who richly deserved to die.  15 knife wounds punctured his torso and a web of purple veins decorated his neck, the product of a garrote, liberally applied. His ex-lover, Emma Cunningham, was immediately arrested in the home they shared at 31 Bond Street, and accused of his murder.  The case dominated the newspapers for 8 months, pushing aside such minor item as the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision and the nationwide financial panic that ensued in August of that year.  Emma’s struggles to exculpate and vindicate herself and latch onto Harvey’s fortune knew no bounds.

Bio: Benjamin Feldman has lived and worked in New York City for the past 46 years.  He eats, drinks and smokes up 19th and early 20th century NYC history.  Raconteur, impersonator and cemetery troll, Ben loves his work and his bff.  His website, www.newyorkwanderer.com lacks only his religious belief:  Listen to Nightcore: God is a Girl.

*Presentation #3
Please Hold Your Farts Until After the Nuclear War
by Seth Baum

Description: Global warming and nuclear war are two catastrophic risks that would really stink for humanity. We will explore these two risks from the perspective of your farts. Human farts contain methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas and thus a driver of global warming. Methane is also flammable, so during a nuclear war, farts make nuclear firestorms worse. However, after a nuclear war, there is nuclear winter, during which humanity could really use a little extra fart warming.

Bio: Seth Baum, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, a nonprofit think tank dedicated to making major catastrophes stink a little bit less.

by Kris Keyser

Chiptune, music made using old game consoles, will be lovingly performed by Kris Keyser (kriskeyser.bandcamp.com (all downloadable for free btw).

Kris Keyser mixes fury and fun with his low-bit compositions, taking the concept of “lateral thinking with withered technology” to new heights by squeezing every last drop of power out of his Game Boys. Kris is a co-founder of Kick.Snare and lWlVl Festival. Notable performances include Blip Festival, Toy Company Festival, MAGFest, PAX East, and The Engadget Show. Kris’s music has appeared on the prestigious 8bitpeoples label, the Techcrunch Droidcast, and several indie games.


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