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The 8th Annual Nerd Nite Nerdtacular will be Friday October 23 at 7:30pm at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village near NYU.  Hello Manhattan!  As always, the Nerdtacular will feature a slew of shenanigans in addition to three funny-yet-smart presentations.  You may find another dry t-shirt contest, you may be plucked from the audience to play a guitar or write a haiku, or you might just get really drunk. And thankfully, by popular request, there won’t be a dance party this time! What better way to enjoy our 10th season than by attending our 8th Nerdtacular? That somehow makes sense, I think.  Buy tickets here.

Nerd Nite NYC, Friday Oct 23, 2015
Le Poisson Rouge
Doors at 6:30pm, starts at 7:30pm – $15 – Buy tickets here
158 Bleecker Street

Back to the Lectures At-Hand:
*Presentation #1
Fancy New Technology to Teach you Guitar
by Rich Casella

Description: Rich will display the wonders of modern guitar performance through the technology of looping. He will then debut his newest development of musical instruments for the very first time at Nerd Nite which is a motion detection based synthesizer. The best way to describe is he will be pulling sound from thin air. Be ready to hear this technology accompanied with songs you know and love.

Bio: Rich has been playing music live all over NYC and New Jersey since the early 90s. He is an award winning guitarist who has been seen on New York television and has made it to the stages of venues like Webster Hall, the Prospect Park bandshell and the famous Back Fence on Bleecker Street.

*Presentation #2
DIY BCI: Brain Technology for Everyday Life
by Max Jackson

Description: Technology is rapidly advancing in its ability to fix our brains when they break – but what would it look like if we could extend our brains when they’re healthy? This presentation looks at ways in which brain-computer interfaces can transform our everyday lives, improving our ability to engage with the world, with ourselves, and with each other.

Bio: Max Jackson is a researcher at the Hickman ‘Body-on-a-Chip’ lab at UCF where he develops software to automate the production, collection, and analysis of electrophysiological signals. He is a co-founder of Cortex, a company that works to develop neurotechnology which empowers makers, artists, the medical community, and everyday people alike.

*Presentation #3
The Secret World of Spider-Man
by Chris Cummins

Description: Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can…which apparently sometimes involves using a giant robot to fight monsters and utilizing his super powers to help a Yeti who loves to steal ice cream return home. Confused? You aren’t the only one! In this speech, I will talk about some of Spider-Man’s weirdest adventures in comic books and on television, and take a look at some of the strangest Spidey merchandise you’ve never seen before.

Bio: Chris Cummins is a pop culture writer and comics historian who contributes to Den of Geek US, Philebrity, Geekadelphia, and Uproxx . Additionally, he is a Nerd Nite Philadelphia boss and the producer and host of the comedy event Sci-Fi Explosion. You can find Chris on Twitter at @bionicbigfoot and @scifiexplosion.

Speed Dating at New York Super Week 2015:  We will offer 3 special speed dating sessions as part of New York Super Week 2015.  There will be an LGBT session on October 7th and hetero sessions on October 8th & 9th (though the hetero sessions are sold out). More info here.

You can contact Nerd Nite NYC Boss Matt Wasowski at matt@nerdnite.com