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For our next show on March 20, 2015, we return to Manhattan for another show at the lovely Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village (we then revisit Littlefield in Gowanus/Park Slope on April 10).

Hello Manhattan, it’s great to be back again!  Nerd Nite returns to Le Poisson Rouge on Friday March 20, 2015 for only our second Manhattan show in the last six years. Enjoy three funny-yet-smart presentations about how our brains make us horny, bizarre magicians (that’s redundant) who changed the world, and medieval mercenaries ranging from Genoese crossbowmen to Viking bodyguards and Burgundian axe-throwers. And of course, come early, form a team with your pals, and play one of the best trivia games in the city (according to actual sources other than my mom and my friends) – while you drink with your pals. Buy tickets here

Friday March 20, 2015
Trivia+Presentations at 7pm (doors at 6pm): $14
Presentations-only at 8:20pm: $10
Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street (Greenwich Village)

Back To The Lectures At-Hand:
*Presentation #1
Hormones: Nature’s Beer Googles
by Deena Walker & Keith Gonzales

Description: Your brain is wired to do one thing, get you laid! Our talk will discuss the multitude of sex differences in the brain, how early exposure to hormones “wires” the brain to be male or female and the long-term behavioral outcomes of this “wiring” in adulthood. The end result of this wiring? Behaviors that lead to sexy time. We will discuss how sex differences reflect differences in reproductive strategies that result in how men and women perceive and interact with the world.

Bio: Keith Gonzales PhD is a neuroscientist focused on sex differences in the developing brain and the founder of Stirplate.io, a website to automate data analysis for researchers in genomics.

Bio: Deena Walker PhD is neuroscientist focused on sex differences in addiction and depression. She is a recent transplant from Austin TX and likes spending time in the park with her dog when the temperature is above 80 degrees.

*Presentation #2
Orcs! A Brief Ethnography of Greenskins
by Alexander King

Description: In the sixty years since Tolkien first ushered them into existence, Orcs have proliferated as one of the staple races of modern fantasy in books, games and film. Although originally depicted as merely inhuman monsters, over the years Orcs have been variously portrayed as brutal and cunning antagonists, mindless cannon-fodder, misunderstood outsiders, and even as tragic heroes in their own right. We’ll explore their origins and the history of works they’ve appeared in, examine the sometimes troubling ways they’re used narratively, and look at the impact that this oft-maligned people has on us in the real world as well.

Bio: Alexander King is a writer, analyst, and game designer. He received a Bachelor’s in Economic History from the University of Pennsylvania, and a “Bachelor’s” in “Fantasy Economics” from spending a lifetime wondering about the labor stratification of hobgoblins. He writes about game design and criticism, analytics, and fictional worlds. Drop him a line at @AKingTweets sometime.

*Presentation #3
Magic: The Answering – The Magicians Who Changed the World
by Seth Porges

Description: Most people think of magicians as little more than stage performers, charged with charming audiences. But as masters of deception and stagecraft, great magicians have what might be described as a super power—and have used these skills to shape history in surprising ways. Let’s learn about bizarre stories of magicians and how they changed history.

Bio: Seth writes about technology for basically every publication on the internet.  This presentation will tie him for the most Nerd Nite presentations ever given. So he’s got that going for him.

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