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Our final Nite of our 2014-2015 season will be Friday May 29, 2015 as we return to Gowanus/Park Slope for another show at Littlefield.  For this final show we bring you images of dumb things your pet ate, the history of the New York City tabloid, and how blue-collar outlaws adopted opera.  And trivia is back too with real prizes…so form a team and have bragging rights with your friends all summer. Buy tickets here.  

Friday May 29, 2015
Presentations+Trivia at 7pm (doors at 6pm): $14
Presentations-only at 8:20pm: $10
622 DeGraw Street (Gowanus/Park Slope)

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*Presentation #1
Murder, Scandal, Love Nests and Child Brides: The Sensational Heyday of New York City Tabloids
by Mike Liss

Description: The birth of New York City’s tabloids was the dot-com boom of the Jazz Age. Egotistical millionaires engaged in big-money circulation battles, testing boundaries while chasing a new mass (and not completely literate) audience. Scandalous divorce proceedings, sensationalist crime stories and faked photographs filled their pages alongside the original celebrity gossip columns. While their spirit lives on in many an Internet site, today’s remaining tabloids bear little resemblance to what rolled off the presses in the 1920s.

Bio: Michael Liss is the Director of Project Management for the New York Post Digital Network and has contributed content to the Post, Heeb, NME and Decider, among others. In 2009, he presented at Nerd Nite on his adventures getting in and out of Chinese prison. He met his wife at Nerd Nite.

*Presentation #2
Don’t Call It a CAT Scan… Dog’s Get Jealous: Veterinary Radiology in 2015
by Dr. Anthony Fischetti

Description: The equipment used to diagnose illness in people is the same used by veterinary radiologists for helping sick dogs and cats.  Depending on availability, imaging diagnostics for veterinary patients can include radiographs (x-rays), ultrasound, CAT scans (or CT), and MRI.  This presentation highlights the use of advanced imaging techniques for the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment planning of diseases affecting companion animals in New York City.  Our conversation ends with a quiz for the audience… you will be asked to answer “what that patient ate?” after viewing a series of abdominal radiographs of hungry but vomiting dogs and cats.

Bio: Dr. Anthony Fischetti graduated from Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001 and after veterinary school completed an internship at the University of Pennsylvania and a residency  in Diagnostic Imaging at The Ohio State University.  In 2005, Dr. Fischetti returned home to New York City as Department Head of Diagnostic Imaging at the Animal Medical Center.  The Animal Medical Center is one of the country’s largest and well-respected small animal specialty hospitals.  Dr. Fischetti is the president of the American College of Veterinary Radiology’s Ultrasound Society and  speaks nationally  on various topics related to veterinary diagnostic imaging.  His areas of clinical research include optimizing CT angiography techniques and structural cardiac MRI in dogs.

*Presentation #3
Barmaids, Gamblers, and Pioneers vs. Mozart (Or, When Populism Ruled American Opera)
by Wendy Weisman

Description: Opera had a rocky introduction to the American public.  Early impresarios, attempting to cover massive expenses, relied on high-ticket prices and coddled the super rich, a marketing plan that unsurprisingly resulted in backlash long before the term “one-percenters” was coined.  But in the early 20th century, a generation of artists – encouraged by New Deal initiatives – became obsessed with “American-ness,” and the era gave rise to one aria-singing, blue-collar rogue after another.  Though not performed as often as the works of Verdi or Mozart, these operas are full of hard-working, hard-living, and frequently liquored-up outlaws who dream of striking it rich, seeking their manifest destiny, and sticking it to the man, often accompanied by hybrid musical forms that don’t sound quite like anything else.

Bio: Wendy Weisman is an arts journalist, a former Affiliated Writer for American Theatre Magazine and a lifelong opera fan. By day, she is a manager of Financial Planning & Analysis at a media company, and occasionally makes up terrible songs about finance.


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