Nerd Nite’s February 2023 edition will get you ready for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy three fun-yet-informative presentations about the science of relationships and interpersonal attraction to make you a more discerning dater (hot!), the science of beauty (hotter!), and what led to the Salem Witch Trials and how lives were changed after (she’s magical!). Yep, discover how to find the perfect mate and then learn some swell factoids that will dazzle them on date night! Tickets here:

Thursday February 9, 2023 at 8pm (doors at 7pm)
635 Sackett Street in Park Slope/Gowanus

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*Presentation #1
What I Like About You: Relationship Science and Interpersonal Attraction
by Marisa Cohen, PhD, LMFT

Description: This presentation will provide you with valuable information (backed by science!) to inform your relationship-related decisions and to make you a more discerning dater. We’ll focus on the science of relationships and interpersonal attraction, as we discuss the factors that come into play when choosing a potential partner and the research behind them. Additionally, a helpful method for determining the number of people in your dating pool will be shared. 

Bio: Dr. Marisa T. Cohen (PhD, LMFT) (she/her) is a relationship scientist, marriage and family therapist, and teaches psychology courses at the college level. She founded Embracing Change Marriage and Family Therapy, which provides therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and families. She conducts relationship science research and consults with dating, relationship, and mental health apps. She is also the author of From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love.

*Presentation #2
How to Become a Perfect 10
by Dr. Lillian Park

Description: Who wouldn’t want to be more attractive? Although people think that physical attractiveness is an immutable characteristic, it turns out that beauty is malleable. And you don’t even need plastic surgery. This presentation will discuss the five different things that you could to increase your hotness and who knows, may be you’ll snag a date in time for Valentine’s Day.

Bio: Lillian Park is an Associate Professor of Psychology at SUNY Old Westbury. She drew the short end of the stick and is also the Chair of the Department of Psychology. Her life is not at all like the Netflix series, The Chair. Lillian earned her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley and completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, Canada. Her research interests are in autobiographical narratives and the scholarship of teaching and learning. When she is not professing, Lillian runs for Prospect Park Track Club. She is excited to return back to Nerd Nite with the first presentation that she ever gave.

*Presentation #3
The Witchcraft Hysteria of Salem, M
by Leslie Wickham

Description: Have you read The Crucible and think you know the whole story about the Salem, MA witch trials?  Think again!  Come learn what events led up to the trials, how the trials played out and the aftermath.

Bio: Leslie Wickham sidelines as a genealogist and enjoys helping others learn their family history.  She became interested in the Salem Witch trials in 2013 when she was researching her family history and found one of her ancestors, Sarah Towne Bridges Cloyce was accused of witchcraft in Salem, MA in 1692. Variations of this presentation have been given to high school kids in Manhattan, The Greater Astoria Historical Society and to chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution.