Nerd Nite is proud to be 1/4 of the first annual Brooklyn Brain Jam on Sunday September 7, 2014 from 12-6pm at the Bell House with other edutainment favorites Story Collider, The Big Quiz Thing, and Kevin Geeks Out.  These four venerable NYC-nerd-based organizations will feature a bit of their respective shows in the buffet of nerdery.  Buy tickets here. We’ll feature these two lovely presentations:

*Presentation #1
Should we Build Terminators?
by Erik Schechter

DESCRIPTION: This lecture discusses the rise of killer robots and the controversy surrounding them. Topics covered: how might a fully autonomous system be better a weapon than a simple drone? Who is working on these robots and who is opposing them? Can we can even stop the emergence of Terminator?

BIO: Erik Schechter is a tech journalist whose writing has appeared in Popular Mechanics, Aerospace America, Scientific American, the Wall Street Journal, Jane’s International Defence Review and other publications.

*Presentation #2
Delicious Garbage: The Less-Than-Appetizing History of Pizza
by Scott Wiener

DESCRIPTION: Pizza may just be a cheesy slice on a paper plate after a night of drinking but that simple slice has a dark past. Long before pizza landed in the US, it was a lowly peasant food eaten on the cholera-infested streets of Naples. Forget about toppings like pepperoni and mushrooms – the earliest pizza only came with a side of syphilis. Everybody’s favorite food traveled a long a winding road before achieving prominence, with plenty of dead ends along the way. They don’t teach this stuff in school.

BIO: After quitting a nice city government job, Scott Wiener decided to dedicate his life to pizza. Since founding Scott’s Pizza Tours in 2008, he has guided over 27,000 pizza lovers from around the planet to significant pizzerias around NYC. Scott also writes an award-winning column for Pizza Today Magazine (yes, it’s a real magazine) and recently authored the book Viva La Pizza: The Art of the Pizza Box about his Guinness World Record collection of over 750 unique pizza boxes from around the world. His pizza pontifications have been featured on the Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Discovery Channel.