> Full Line-up Nerd Nite NYC Friday February 12 with Quizo again

Full Line-up Nerd Nite NYC Friday February 12 with Quizo again

Our next Nerd Nite is Friday February 12, 2010. Since Quizo trivia in mid-January was so popular (32 teams!), we’re gonna give it another whirl in February. So come on down for another Nerd Nite Quizo at 7pm on Friday February 12 and then stick around for regular Nerd Nite starting at 8:15pm with a line-up boasting presentations about video games that intentionally mess with their players’ minds, NYC Big Quiz Thing luminary Noah Tarnow reminiscing about our most forgotten vice presidents, and the tactics used by the government in their psychic experiments as part of a larger project, “Stargate.”  So assemble a team now!

Tickets (please choose between Quizo AND Nerd Nite for $13 or only Nerd Nite for $10):  http://www.smarttix.com/show.aspx?EID=&showCode=NER52

Nerd Nite NYC
Galapagos Art Space DUMBO
16 Main Street in DUMBO Brooklyn (F train to York St. or A/C train to High St.)
Friday February 12, 2010
Quizo at 7:00pm (get there at 6:45 to check in)
Regular Nerd Nite at 8:15pm
$13 for Quizo (includes admission to regular Nerd Nite)
$10 cover charge for regular Nerd Nite only

Back to the lectures at hand:
*Presentation 1
Witness: A Psychic Collaboration and our Government
by Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman

Description: During the 1980s, the United States government carried out experiments in “remote viewing,” the tactical use of extrasensory perception to gather intelligence information. Know by the code name “Stargate Project,” this $20 million military endeavor involved extensive research during which soldiers attempted to remotely observe a target’s hidden actions through telepathy. The “Stargate Project” and its psychic surveillance methods form the basis for the exhibition, Witness, a long-distance collaborative project.

Bio: Larson and Shindelman currently hold the title of World Telekinesis Champions, placing first in the competition hosted by artist collective Noxious Sector in spring 2009.  They are  currently in training for the 2010 competition. They have been working collaboratively since 2007 and have had their work shown internationally.  Nate Larson is a full-time member of the faculty at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He received his MFA from The Ohio State University. Marni Shindelman is an associate professor of art and an associate of the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Rochester. She received her MFA from the University of Florida. More information and a free PDF catalogue of “Witness” can be found at www.telepathicwitness.com.

*Presentation 2
Hail to the Obscure: Forgotten Vice Presidents of the United States
by Noah Tarnow

Description: He’s nominally the second-most-powerful person in the most powerful government on earth, but really, how important is the Vice President of the United States? Through our country’s history, the position has been filled by both eminent statesmen and political hacks—but largely the latter. We’ll look at some of the more obscure Veeps from years past, men less notable for great political accomplishment than for uncanny electoral luck and wicked-cool facial hair.

Bio: Noah Tarnow is producer and host of the Big Quiz Thing, New York’s Live Trivia Spectacular. As quizmaster of the city’s premier live game show, he’s written and presented thousands of trivia questions and games throughout the city and around the country, and has written for Rolling Stone, Time Out New York, Jane and Hemispheres. Visit bigquizthing.com for more info.

*Presentation #3
Psychological Warfare through Online Games 2: Video Games that Intentionally F*ck with their Players
by Ben Donaldson

Description: The current generation has been raised alongside video games, from a two-bit birth to an virtual “second life” (unless you count that as your first one). But as people spend time in computer-created games, their brains grow accustomed to simple rules and immediate gratification. The more these behaviors and expectations are reinforced, the easier (and funnier) it is to screw with them. This presentation – a sequel to Ben’s presentation 14 months ago – will  explain some of the cognitive principles that make “gamers” become predictable, along with examples of how to exploit them in a multi-player setting. Also included is a series of experimental games that DIRECTLY mess with players and data showing their unfortunate success.  Just remember, don’t shoot the puppy!

Bio: Ben Donaldson is a Flash developer for CollegeHumor. His interests include writing failed patents, confusing websites, and piano music that no one is supposed to hear. He went to graduate school for much more serious and important things, but they didn’t like him back.

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