> Poem: Toasting The Aughts by Matt Wasowski

Poem: Toasting The Aughts by Matt Wasowski

Try to find all 40 references to the 2000’s

Toasting the Aughts by Matt Wasowski

We toasted. To Y2K and looked to the new millennium,
to our family and our friends and to their smiles
and to the skies, and when
no computers failed and no planes fell like promised,
we lived, partied, on
like it was 1999. And even when
the internet bubble burst our sights still towered,
well, for another 16 months.
Then they fell.
Leaving the rest of us hanging (like chads)
and we looked again
to our family and our friends
but their smiles,
now cringes of fury and confusion,
matching narrowed eyes of our new leader
narrowly focused on his family and His friends
as we searched, Googled, for answers
for a new reality in which we became survivors
hoping the amazing race toward the simple life
would end like a lamb, like friends,
but big brother did materialize
-though the mission was not accomplished-
yet a new leader could not c(ke)rry us.
“W, you’re fired,”
to never be played on YouTube or an iPod,
while even a college dropout knew the levees would break.
Yet while another bubble burst
audacity carried a nation forward
– yes he did! –
for a few months, anyway,
until our current coverage could no longer care for an ill 7-year conflict that
would crash the party, the hope,
and the blue states sunk into a blue state
as they found out we’ll surge ahead.  The Thrill(er) is gone.
R U OK? No WMDs? C U, MJ. OMG.  I M

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