Galapagos DUMBO

16 Main Street in DUMBO Brooklyn (F train to York St. or A/C train to High St.)

Thursday, May 14 2009
7pm – Quizo $12 (includes admission to regular Nerd Nite (click here to purchase advanced tickets)
9pm – Regular Nerd Nite $7 (click here to purchase advanced tickets)

Well, in the spirit of giving the people what they want, I’m giving you (i.e. the people) what you want: More Quizo and more sort-of-sexy Nerd Nite presentations. So first, again for old time’s sake, I’ll be hosting my Quizo trivia pub quiz before the presentations begin. So get a few teammates, bring your thinking cap, and win a few sweet prizes. Quizo will be from 7-9pm followed by the regular Nerd Nite program which will feature the history of death, copyright must-knows for artists and musicians, more card tricks (as a short interlude), and sexual robotics and intimate computing. Phew! Too bad the Japanese documentary crew won’t be around for this one too!

Presentation #1

The History of Death
by Jesse Rosenfeld


It’s obvious when you’re finally dead, right? Not so fast! The attitude towards death and dying has changed frequently over 2,000,000 years. Has dying always happened on “this side” while death happened on “that side”? Why do we believe what we believe today? Is dying only in your head? And when did love begin to interfere with dying?


Jesse Landau has abandoned his former life and has embarked on a better-late-than-never attempt to do things he actually enjoys once in a while. He currently lectures to tourists for the City Sights double-decker bus company, is researching how to shoot photos in soft-light environments, and is soliciting funds in perpetuity so that he can raise a King Charles Spaniel to carry around in a cute, little tote bag. People constantly mistake him for someone they know, is told quite often that he looks much younger than his real age (shaving his head hides the grey), and is saddened by the general populace’s fear of Scorpios and spiders because both are true friends of humanity.

Presentation #2

Copyright vs Copywrong

by Zehra Abdi


Learn about the rights you have, the rights you think you have and the rights you don’t in yours and others’ intellectual property. Don’t know what “intellectual property” means? Climb out from under that rock and learn that too! This presentation is a must for photographers, artists, web designers, writers and anyone in the business of creating and using creative content.


Zehra Abdi is an is an associate at the law firm of Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard practicing primarily in the areas of copyright, trademark, commercial litigation and transactional entertainment law.

Presentation #3

High Tech Sex: Teledildonics and Sexual Robotics or Hey, Where’s My Robot Girlfriend?

by Laura Duncan


From the vibrators used to cure hysteria in the 19th century to full-fledged sex robots lovingly constructed in basement workshops, technology and sexuality have always been inextricably linked. Learn about the past, present and future of high tech sex with examples of machinery you’ll want to ask on a date and software that will get you all hot and bothered. The social implications of this sexual technology will help us to explore how we understand human sexuality and the future of humanity’s relationship to technology.


Laura G. Duncan recently graduated from NYU-Gallatin with a degree in Medical Anthropology and Human Sexuality Studies. She works as a sexuality educator and researches issues of sexuality within medical education and primary health care.

Interlude Presentation

More Card Tricks

by Jon Schweig

A random audience member chooses 5 cards — and the assistant passes 4 of those cards to the “magician.” Based on those 4 cards, the magician can tell exactly what the fifth card will be. Always. This quick presentation will explore this card trick and then discuss the mathematics behind the trick.